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Frequently Asked Questions


  Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine the shipping charges on my order?


Fig. 1 and 1a

We offer LIVE shipping quotes for the order you are placing (Fig. 1 and 1a). The shipping cost is based on weight, dimension, product value (for insurance purposes) and type of shipping. We do not add a handling charge, however we do add a packaging material surcharge and - with today's fuel economy - a fuel surcharge at times. We split large orders into multiple boxes.

At times the actual shipping charges may be less than the online quoted charges. In such case - based solely on our discression - we will prorate the shipping charges at the time processing the order. Please note that the online shipping quote presented are the shipping charges that we will authorize and charge to your card.

Sometimes it is more economical - and at times necessary - to ship large quantity or large item orders via LTL or LCL. In such case we will contact you prior to shipment.

In most cases we will ship your order with the by you requested method at the time of check out. Even if the actual charges are higher than the quoted rates. We will try to absorb the difference - if any. We may however contact you at times if we have to change the method of shipment on our end.

We only ship orders with UPS at the current time. UPS can only deliver to a physical address. P.O. Box shipping addresses are not acceptable.

Once you have placed the desired items in your shopping cart (click here to learn more on how to place an on-line order) and arrive at the billing and shipping options page you can view accurate price quotes for the different shipment options that we can offer you for that order.


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