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Pro Products Sales Return Policy


  Pro Products Sales Return Policy


Most returned items will be refunded less a 25% restocking fee, shipping and handling (if applicable). Acudor Products and Elmdor items have a minimum 40% restocking fee. We only accept unopened and unused items, excluding custom, made-to-order and special-order items (this includes all lock addition and conversion items). Before you return your unopened, unused, standard stock item(s) you must contact us by phone or via e-mail and obtain and RMA number from one of our customer service representatives. Without this number we can't process your return even if you ship us the return merchandise.


  • We charge a 25% restocking fee on all items except Acudor and Elmdor products, which have a minimum restocking fee of 40%.
  • All floor access doors, roof hatches, medium and high security access doors are considered special-order items.
  • Custom/made-to-order/special-order items (including all lock conversions and additions) are excluded from refunds, returns and exchanges, so please measure twice before ordering.
  • We can only issue a full refund (less shipping and a minimum 25% restocking fee/40% restocking fee on all Acudor products) on products that have not been opened and/or used.
  • Opened items will be pro-rated depending on condition and only a partial or no refund may be issued.
  • Any original shipping charges or return shipping charges are non-refundable and the responsibility of the customer.
  • Any product defects, no matter if defects caused during transit or otherwise, must be reported to us within 48 hours after order delivery.
  • We only accept returns within 15 days after the purchase date.

Volume Pricing:
If you have purchased the item to be returned under volume pricing your original order will be recalculated in case you fall into a different price category.

Example 1:
If you have purchased 12 AP69 Access Able® access panels for the volume discount price of $13.45 per piece (a total of $161.40) and you decide to return 1 of the 12 AP69's for a refund the price of the 11 AP69 access panels defaults to the regular purchase price of $13.95 per piece. At this point your original order needs to be recalculated since it now does not qualify for the volume discount pricing. The regular price of $13.95 per piece (a total of $153.45 for 11 AP69's) applies to the 11 AP69's that you decided to keep. This return would result in a refund of $7.95 (the difference between original purchase price and newly calculated price for the products that you keep. Plus a 25% (40% for all Acudor products) restocking fee for the single, returned AP69 (based on $13.95 purchase price) at $3.49. This return would result in a $4.46 refund if you should decide to have an RMA issued.

Original purchase price of 12 AP69 = $161.40
New cost of original order for 11 AP69 = $153.45
Intermediate refund amount for 1 AP69 = $7.95
Minus 25% (40% on all Acudor proudcts) restocking fee for 1 AP69 = $3.49
Total refund for 1 returned AP69 = $4.46

In this example we would take the original purchase price of the 12 AP69 of $161.40 and subtract the new cost for the 11 AP69 of $153.45 which leaves a remaining balance of $7.95. The we subtract 25% restocking fee for 1 AP69 at regular cost in the amount of $3.49 from the calculated refund amount $7.95. This leaves a refund of $4.46 if you decide to return the product.

Example 2:
If you have purchased 7 AP69 Access Able® access panels for the standard price of $13.95 per piece (a total of $97.65) and you decide to return 1 of the 7 AP69's for a refund or exchange we will refund $13.95 minus the 25% (40% on all Acudor products) restocking fee of $3.49. For the returned AP69 access panel after we have received the unopened, unused item at our warehouse we will refund $10.46

We do not assume the cost for any return shipments.


If you have any questions regarding our return policy please feel free to contact us at 1.800.464.2443 and we will be happy to assist you.


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