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Recessed Valve Box - ARVB Custom, Stainless Steel

Acudor Products, Inc. Recessed Valve Box - ARVB Custom, Stainless Steel

Recessed Valve Box - ARVB Custom, Stainless Steel
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Custom Order:

This product is available on specification only and is made custom to order. Pricing quote is available upon request. Please contact one us at 800.464.2443 for more information. You may also contact us via e-mail. Please refer to model number: ARVBcustomSS


Acudor ARVB Valve Box, Recessed, Stainless Steel custom size (W x H x D)


  • Recessed valve box
  • Standard in type 304 stainless steel, #4 satin polish
  • Also available in Primer Coated Steel
  • Optional vision panel;louvers; engraved plates; special holes for pipes and conduits
  • The Acudor Recessed Valve Boxes ARVB are designed to provide easy, convenient access to all types of valves and controls that need to be concealed in the wall, but protected by a fully enclosed box. The valve box is available in various depth and sizes and can be modified to meet all the valve and control requirements. When required, vision panels, louvers and engraved plates can be supplied along with special holes for pipes or conduits.

Pro Products Sales ARVB Recessed Stainless Steel Valve Box (by Acudor) Specifications

  • Valve Box Material: Stainless Steel or Steel: 16 gage door, frame, and box.
  • Valve Box Door: Flush to frame - rounded safety corners.
  • Valve Box Frame: One-piece outer flange welded to box.
  • Valve Box: Fully enclosed, completely attached to frame. When required, box can be made with open back.
  • Valve Box Hinge: Continuous, concealed.
  • Valve Box Closure: Cylinder lock and key. Other options also available.
  • Valve Box Finish: Stainless Steel: #4 satin polish. Also available in Steel with 5 stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of white alkyd baking enamel.


ARVB Measurements Diagram

STANDARD SIZE VALVE BOXES (special sizes available upon request - 5 week lead time)

INCHES mm INCHES mm   lbs. kg.
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